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Homepage for Japanese excellent musicians, especially jazz and Hougaku, Japanese traditional music.

Jazz with Alphabets by Eiko Aida

calligraphy exhibition at Jazz Spot J
Gallery time weekday 17:00-19:00 (live start 19:15)

video searched by Kazutoki Umezu


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What's New?
Date Changes
6/6/2010 removed Japanese page for Kazutoki Umezu
12/31/2008 Started Mitsuhiro Sugawara Music Photo Gallery
12/14/2008 Started Jazz et cetera : My Favorite Jazz Musicians' information
12/7/2008 Started J-POP et cetera : introducing J-Pop, Japanese Pop Music
5/6/2007 Added J-Music Music Store search CD, read Review,watch Video
3/21/2007 Added Google Video Bar for Miles Davis, just for test
12/28/2006 Added J-Music Music Store(English version)
12/17/2006 Added J-Music Music Store(Japanese version)
3/5/2006 Added Tokyo Jazz Club Maps(English version)
2/26/2006 Added Tokyo Jazz Club Maps(Japanese only)
11/23/2004 Added Blog(Japanese Only)
9/12/02 Added Sabu Toyozumi(Ds, Perc)
8/31/02 Added Yoriyuki Harada(Pianist)
11/7/00 Added Yoshiaki Fujikawa(Saxphonist and Composer)
5/22/00 Added Eiichi Arai(vocal)
2/7/99 Start Amazon.com Associates Program
2/4/98 Coorperation with Cyco homepage
9/17/97 Added Shinohkubo Gentlemen(Japanese only)
11/4/96 Added Keizo Inoue(as,cl)
11/4/96 Added Katsuyuki Itakura(p)
7/31/96 Updated Umezu Diary(Japanese only)
7/14/96 Added Umezu Diary(Japanese only)
6/10/96 Cooperation with Improvised Music from Japan
3/24/96 Added J-Music Art Gallery
3/1/96 Added Kazutoki Umezu's Homepage
2/29/96 Added our advertise(Japanese only)
12/6/95 Analized Access Logs(11/23/2004 removed)

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