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Homepage for Japanese excellent musicians, especially jazz and Hougaku, Japanese traditional music.

Desireless(Vinyl,left) and petite fleur(CD,right)

by Kondo Naoji(bs), Nagata Toshiki(b), Seo Takashi(b)

Live recording at Kichijoji "Sound Cafe dzumi" Tokyo, June 26,2015

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Date Changes
4/17/2016 add Desireless(Record) and petite fleur(CD) inrormation
and removed several old pages
6/6/2010 removed Japanese page for Kazutoki Umezu
12/31/2008 Started Mitsuhiro Sugawara Music Photo Gallery
12/14/2008 Started Jazz et cetera : My Favorite Jazz Musicians' information
12/7/2008 Started J-POP et cetera : introducing J-Pop, Japanese Pop Music
5/6/2007 Added J-Music Music Store search CD, read Review,watch Video
3/21/2007 Added Google Video Bar for Miles Davis, just for test
12/28/2006 Added J-Music Music Store(English version)
12/17/2006 Added J-Music Music Store(Japanese version)
3/5/2006 Added Tokyo Jazz Club Maps(English version)
2/26/2006 Added Tokyo Jazz Club Maps(Japanese only)
11/23/2004 Added Blog(Japanese Only)
9/12/02 Added Sabu Toyozumi(Ds, Perc)
8/31/02 Added Yoriyuki Harada(Pianist)
11/7/00 Added Yoshiaki Fujikawa(Saxphonist and Composer)
5/22/00 Added Eiichi Arai(vocal)
2/7/99 Start Amazon.com Associates Program
2/4/98 Coorperation with Cyco homepage
9/17/97 Added Shinohkubo Gentlemen(Japanese only)
11/4/96 Added Keizo Inoue(as,cl)
11/4/96 Added Katsuyuki Itakura(p)
7/31/96 Updated Umezu Diary(Japanese only)
7/14/96 Added Umezu Diary(Japanese only)
6/10/96 Cooperation with Improvised Music from Japan
3/24/96 Added J-Music Art Gallery
3/1/96 Added Kazutoki Umezu's Homepage
2/29/96 Added our advertise(Japanese only)
12/6/95 Analized Access Logs(11/23/2004 removed)

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